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Coming soon a new Joomla4 template !
This template will be free for its first version

no rush for update 3.9.25

there is a security issue but wait for patch 3.9.25, there is a bug in this last update Ne vous précipitez pas pour mettre à jour votre version vers joomla 3.9.25

The new Joomspirit Team : Presentation

About us

We, the new Team Joomspirit, actually 1  people : Jean-Paul

  • Jean-Paul is a SEO specialist, and he's also very interested in web development. He runs a dedicated server, which hosts most of his customers' websites. He's a OVH partner, he's interested in this company's products improvement and extension.

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How to load Google font directly from your server ?

I explained the procedure in my facebook page. Read the post here.

Template Full screen 6 - January 2013

I am proud to introduce the new Full screen template.

template full screen joomla
  • Responsive Design

    A single design for all devices : mobiles, laptop, desktop ... This design should automatically adjust with your screen resolution.

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 template : better for your SEO and ready for the future.
    CSS3 features : a clean code and a website easy to customize.

  • Bootstrap typography and animations

    This template is fully compatible with Bootstrap and include this framework.

New release of Full screen 5

Improvements of Full screen 5 :

  • You can choose the width of the content in pixels or in percentage. So it's possible to display an article on full width.
  • New module position "home_page" . If this module position is published, the content box isn't loaded.
  • New version of slideshow module : more easy to set up and only the essential features
  • Social icons on the footer