Template Hotel

Template Hotel
24,00 € (20,00 € excl VAT) each

Joomla 3.9.10 updated

An original design with 8 color themes : black, blue, green, grey, red, turquoise, white and yellow

600+ Google fonts available

I include a selection of 30 Google fonts in Template manager with a previsualitation of each of them. Not enough ! you can paste the code of the font of your choice : more of 600 fonts available.

Font Awesome 4

Font Awesome allows you to add vector icons from a library of over 360 to any part of your joomla template including Articles, Article titles, Menu items and Module titles

New typography

I offer a large choice of menus, lists and tables to according with all your needs.

Bootstrap 3

This template is build with Bootstrap 3

Technical data

The package include the template and a responsive slideshow, compatible with Joomla 2.5 / 3.X

    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Clean pure CSS Design
    • Fully compatible Firefox 3+, IE8+, Chrome and mobile devices
    • Lightweight and fast-loading
    • Responsive design (change the size of your browser to see the difference). You can disable this option.
      The responsive feature don't work with IE8
    • Build with Bootstrap 3
    • Include Font Awesome 4
    • CSS3 animation
    • 8 color themes : black, blue, green, grey, red, turquoise, white and yellow
    • 2 columns layout
    • 19 module positions
    • Choose the width of the website, the left and right column
    • Set the color of active link, main menu items, article title H1 and H2
    • 600+ Google fonts available for all these items (with a preview of each of them)
    • Display or not your social links
    • Put the tracking code of Google analytics in Template manager.
    • Display or not the Scroll to top button
    • Sticky menu option
    • Typography (list, header module, quotation, …)
    • Include a manual to explain the module positions and typography.

    Test the mobile version here

    Note : This template is based on the design of the previous template Hotel.
    If you had bought this version in the past, you can download this new template Hotel for free.
    Go to your account, and click on "orders"

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